Cube Shift is a game in which you must switch between 2D and 3D to complete 10 mind boggling levels. Throughout these levels you will have to freeze time, and switch characters to reach the purple win pads. This game was made in about a week for the celebration of 10 thousand subscribers on my YouTube channel. I had to make a game with a time freeze mechanic, multiple players, and a perspective change mechanic as part of the challenge.


-WASD or arrow keys to move

-Space to jump

-"E" to switch characters

-Tab or left shift to switch perspective

-"R" to restart a level if my 100% glitchless game somehow breaks

Art (if you would call it that), code, and sound effects by me

Music by Ecrett Music 

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(35 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Platformer
Made withUnity
Tags2D, 3D, 3D Platformer, Minimalist, Perspective, Puzzle-Platformer, Singleplayer, Unity


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switching the perspective too fast will glitch out the camera

i found a bug lol while in 3d mode when  on the right bottom corner if you put one on top of another then when you switch to 2d it gets rid of second character lol

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spam shift wall

my game turned into ohio thanks

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When the blue cube jumps onto the red cube, it can jump midair forever, but only in 3D and in the second level.

blue cube can inf jump

This one is tough
But great game

Its glitched i cant pass like stage 5 i think

Deleted 153 days ago

just spam jump 

Why are you replying to a reply that is 335 days old?

why do you care


I managed to bug one of my cubes out of the map :/


I only have 1 cube left





I jumped out of the map and my cube does not respawn


... you can just press R, right?


hello you should make a video on a coding website called

i know that website it's scratch programming language

also i have scratch


i glitched level 3


Lol I had that idea but I'm noob at Unity :(

i fell off the map


World Record Any%
I managed to get the record without any infinite jump or Out of Bounds Glitches

Why is there a world record for this game what?

I felt like speedrunning it


if u spam tab it does weird stuff

shift change perspective too

if you hold down while spamming tab you can glitch outside the map 

see both my characters are off the map

i did it too

Accidentally or on purpose


on purpose cuz i wanna see if its true (btw i did it to both too)

yeah its fun to do

not to mention if your on a moving plat form that goes to the top of the 2d map and jump and then switch to 3d you can walk out the barriers without falling (only if your still on a platform

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Glitch?       The bug                                                                                              Fixed

spamming tabyou can spam tab and enter a weird 3d 2d modeFalse
spamming tabSpamming tab also can glitch you out the mapFalse

I have entered a weird 3d 2d mode!

also you can spam space to jump in air (only if u are in a purple platform)

My pc says - Your browser does not support any of the required graphics API for this content.

Sadly I can't play your game.

Deleted 1 year ago

hmm. I'll download it.

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Game is BROKEN!

"R" to restart a level if my 100% glitchless game somehow breaks
- BenBonk, creator of Cube Shift, Slimekeep, (Ben) BONK the BALL, ect.

This game is acually very broken


  • If on/jumping off of a goal, sometimes another player, or even rarer on a platform, or while loading the next level or restarting, you can jump mid-air if the velocity vector is pointing upward, meaning:
    • You can cheese levels
    • You can clip past the invisible wall and into Out-of-Bounds area
  • Pressing [Tab] to change from 3D to 2D will disable all collisions apart from the one for staying on the ground, meaning:
    • You can clip through another player, platform, or worse, into Out-of-Bounds areas (That last one will also happen in the reverse case when changing from 2D to 3D, but it is frame-perfect)
    • You can be phasing a platform below
  • Repeatedly pressing [Tab] will cause orthographic 2D and perspective 3D, completly breaking the illusion
  • Pressing [Tab] multiple timesbefore a the level loads will cause the camera to act like it is 3D but as if everything else is in 2D, also spoiling the illusion
  • If Cube A is in front of a platform 1 and Cube B is active when switching to 2D, Cube B can't touch platform 1 until it leaves the area in front of it, when platform 1 moves forward
  • A platform moving directly up or down will squish two cubes together if they are stacked under it
  • Some shadows are completly broken in 2D
  • You can duplicate a cube, making the level potentially impossible
  • Going next to a wall in 2D then jumping will not jump

Well yeah duh it's broken. It's made by a small game dev YouTuber on itch.Io if you want a game with less bugs go find a game on steam or whatever.

can ya add mobile? I got a idea how so like there’s a thumb stick and when you change the color changes so u know and like if you tap the thumb stick you jump and press who you want to change just a idea



In some levels, you can get on top of the invisible wall. Keep going and you'll just fall into the void. Forever. And ever. But, despite anything wrong, it's still a great game!

Download please? I really prefer downloading games than playing a web build.


I can jump infinitely 

I just decapultated my blue cube. Great- from level easy to hard in one step

i don't have the graphic requirements :(


i don't really think this is a glitch but a feature that you should have for some reason when i'm not over half way on a platform i can't jump


i broke it XD

you have good looking tabs 

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thanks, games go brrrrrrrrrr


is it me or is pink boi looken kinda THICC

yes, yes he is


i broke teh game...........


Can u make android versio


I did a speedrun 

lookit i did a glitch!!

this was fun :D

also, great title screen, it pretty ;0

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