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lookit i did a glitch!!

this was fun :D

also, great title screen, it pretty ;0

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cool game! i liked the concepts :)

some glitches:

  • jumping never refreshes unless the cube has a platform directly below its center 
    • biggest thing that needs fixing imo
  • cube can bypass the level boundaries if pressing against side and switching to 2d
  • cube can land on top of level boundaries using the last method or by reaching high enough and pressing against the edge of the screen
    • this allows you cheese most levels
  • spamming tab can cause the camera to be in orthographic mode in 3d and perspective mode in 2d
  • some weird shadows
  • cubes occasionally fall through the platform they're standing on when switching to 2d
  • if cube A is in front of a platform 1 and cube B is active when switching to 2d, cube B can't touch platform 1 until it leaves the area in front of it, when platform 1 moves forward
  • the platform that moves directly up and down will squish the two cubes together if they are stacked under it

of course you don't have to fix all/any of these, just wanted to create a log of ones i found as a QA Master™ :P

very great game! so glad I clicked ur video when it came in my youtube recommendation box. Very addicting.

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it's stuck! 

tho I saw the weblog it is really cool but it doesn't load for me.


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heres both glitches

that isn't a glitch

which one?

on the level about 2d freeze if you press and hold left in the top left corner and press tab your cube falls off the map. the level where its a button on a platform and another below it if your more than half of the button when you go to 2d mode your block falls through.

Maybe, we can play cube shift on moblie? Oh I already watched your video.

You know, i was about to write about a level being impossible (since 1 cube has to get to a goal by itself but cannot), but then Red fell out of the world, so now the level is even more impossible XD Also i only made it this far due to the purple pad infinite jump glitch... I was hoping to use the "Jump on the boundaries of the world" glitch to try to beat the level but... well, this happened.

I found this weird bug where when I was near the edge of the screen, moving towards it, I clicked something else and my player character just went and fell of the platform. I cant see it anymore.

Why am I floating?


this game is so buggy kekw


and addicting


but so fun to speedrun

Found a bug: If u stand on one of the purple pads and jump, you can jump infinitely(maybe this is intensional but i feel like it isnt)

Thats pretty much everywhere 

Wait, you're able to jump? Something goes wrong with edge then

This game is underrated. Change my mind.

The game is not loading! I think there's something wrong with WebGL, so I can't play the game. Shame, based on the video it looked pretty fun!


ur comp

Deleted post

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If you spam TAB in end screen the 3d version zooms in.

Found an op bug. You can land on the boundaries of the levels and there you can jump infitely so you can basically fly to the goal.


so similar to the game I made like three months ago... but mine is better


ok then


lol I was kidding good job with the game

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Game is stuck on load (tried reinstalling)

If you spam tab and e, sometimes when in 2d mode there is perspective, and in 3d there is no perspective. Also in some levels with high enough platforms you can jump above the barriers that keep you in the level.


I only have 1 cube




Also in this level the shading is sorta weird

if you spam tab 2d looks 3d

Theres a weird glitch in level 3 where if a character goes on the higher platform in 3d then you change it to 2d, it automatically falls below

in 3d spam E and Space then you will fly, also you can go over the side boundaries with this

If you stand in a corner and mash jump, you can clip OOB (Out of Bounds) and from there you can succesfully cheese the entire level.

cool game but my red cube fell out the map


Pretty good game, but you forgot about the barriers:


Really well done!


it runs absolutely horrible for a lot of people. please add graphical control settings or at least add downloadable files of the game.


what kind of settings? the game is literally just a bunch of cubes

i am so adicted


I found a glitch, you might want to patch it unless you think speedrunners would use it well.

When I am on top of a platform in 3D I sometimes find that when I switch to 2D the cube falls through, and it can be annoying, Also a Level select Screen would be nice.

Ah, I was unaware of this, thanks for letting me know.

Hello Ben!

I have found a few bugs in the game of which i would like to help patch, Please contact me on Discord for more info.... 
Discord: Swift#8108

I will send some video on there of the bugs so you can fix them :D

Also sometimes E doesn't work in the game

Sorry ma dude

Found a glitch: If you go next to a wall in 2d and jump you don't jump


now this is what I call a good game

thank you very much BeansBoi72

So, you complemented yourself and replied to it. Nice!

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plot twist: Polaris666666 is another BenBonk's alt

Who can say, maybe everyone is Benbonk.

even I might be one of them

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