Slimekeep is a simple arcade game where you must shoot slimes strategically to earn the most points while staying alive. As slimes live longer and grow, they become worth more points. Occasionally voids will drop which also can help you defeat hoards of slimes. This game was made in less than 48 hours for the 46th Ludum Dare game jam. Also, if you are on a device without a 16:9 aspect ratio (like most Macs), press the grayed-out fullscreen button to enter fullscreen. Otherwise hit the blue one.

Ludum Dare Link -


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Got 3245


i got 29484747382847572847284742847571309

Wow this is hard

cant run



how do i get different guns? and how do i go to different levels


remember this is the jam version, not the full game

i know



lol indeed






haha i got 19224560


haha i got 69420


1264 with touchpad. Nice game!


I somehow got like 500,000 points but I don't know how to screenshot    \('w')/

(1 edit) (+1)

very hard l got 17204 on my first try

2664 :)




It would be nice if you could make the game downloaable and for other platforms for example I would like to play the game on my phone and maybe someday you can transfer it to be available on consoles 

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i got 7063 on my first time playing

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Haha 2188 gottem!

Edit: oh. bodillam got 14746. im coming for you buddy, and i will beat your score.

I already beat it

todai i played sum slaim ♡

14746 lez goo


You live, you grow and you get shot

awesome MY HIGHSCORE IS 3854

how to download?????


its webgl mate

I got 3541!

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my high score is 1951

Good job bro...


i give up


haha toast i beat you



didnt u get like 17 k


Let's gooooo 13126 babyyyy


U got beat by polarcube hehe




Let's gooooo 34062 babyyyy




So... I might have a highscore of 130729.


You should make a multiplayer function. Local (with controllers or over the same wifi address) and online (over different wifi)


very fun!

RealyFun Experiance Thanks

Your game isn't autoclicker-prove. I got a score of 29767 points xD

Awesome work btw!

Awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing the full game! The color palette is also very nice!


Great idea!


I liked the main menu!

where can i download it? btw good game


Its web only, this is the jam version.


If You want to remove the "Unity Web Build" At the bottom, go to the build settings and open player settings. Click player settings and open resolution lastly click minimal.

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