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WARNING - Unfortunately this game is unbeatable. The project files are on my old computer, and can't really be recovered. So feel free to mess around, but unfortunately there isn't really an end due to a glitch in the final 10% of the game.


Nelson Island is an RPG in which your plane crashes off the coast of Nelson Island. You must explore the island gathering items and info and try to repair your plane in this calm and relaxed story game.


-Explore the multiple screens ranging from oceans and beaches to forests.

-Talk to island locals searching for parts to repair your plane.

-Gather coins to purchase items to help out your quest.

-Find your way out of Nelson Island!

-1 Hour approximate gameplay


Made by BenBonk/BenBonk Games as a summer project with Unity, Aseprite, Bfxr, and a few other programs.  Development took approximately 3 months of on and off development in my free time.

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLO_c9nyLCwohHqovjlmpDw?view_as=subscriber


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NelsonIsland(Windows)V1.2.zip 28 MB
NelsonIsland(Mac)V1.2.zip 47 MB


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Please make a linux version


THIS IS A FAT RIPOFF OF EARTHBOUND AND UNDERTALE. 4/5-IGN it's got a little something for everyone


This game is the most amazing puzzling retro game of 2019.

I fully agree.

Very good game. The gameplay is smooth and the game is fun and enjoyable for many hours. I am truly blessed to have come upon this beautiful creation. Please buy and download this game. It's games like this that lift my spirits and brighten my heart. I wish there was something better than thank you, because thank you is not enough. This game gave me hope. Thank you BenBonk, thank you so much.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game! Thank you for the positive comment!

OMG! BenBonk is here

You are my hero BenBonk! I'm so happy to be in the presence of a great game developer. Keep up the great games!


Hey, good job on this man! I like the concept and while it could use some polish, you should be proud for putting it out there.


Thank you so much!

If you have any errors, glitches, bugs, or general advice for the game please let me know!

I've only got two notes thus far, which are:

-Hitting X to talk can sometimes take a try or two and doesn't feel super responsive, though it might be me goofing it up somehow!

-Having it so that you keep walking after a scene loads if a directional key is held would be a nice quality of life addition. Not critical, but having to press a direction again when moving between areas can be mildly annoying.

Thanks for the feedback. On my end I don't see anything wrong with the X feature but I'll look into it. On the other hand I totally understand where you are coming from with it sometimes stops you from seamlessly moving between scenes. As a kind of beginner developer I set up each different screen as a totally different scene in Unity. While I think I should've gone for a better mechanic having the whole game be in one scene while loading different parts based on where you are. Therefore it wouldn't have to load something totally different stopping you from moving. But I'll still try to solve the issue. Thanks!