Intern Ian is a fast paced, speedrunning game, where you must deliver papers to your boss in less than 45 seconds. Collect coffee to regain your jumps, and traverse through an office with many obstacles and platforms. This game was my first ever Pico-8 game, and I'm pretty happy with the product, though I am aware of the few glitches a lack of polish.

Check out how the game was made! - 

Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, Arcade, jumping, Male protagonist, PICO-8, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer, Retro, Speedrun


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lol i'm bad at this

can I have the p8 file

Deleted 271 days ago


because the source code definitely doesn't contain the 01001011 01000001 01010010 01001110 01001111 01000110 01000110 01000101 01001100 00100000 01000011 01001111 01000100 01000101 


is this a Inscryption reference


I can't jump for some reason :(

the key to jump is not up, also you need coffee to replenish your ability to jump

By spamming X and C, you can clip into the ceiling. I expect at a certain speed, you may be able to clip to level 2. I am not currently capable of producing this, but it may be possible to completely avoid level 1.


When you are almost in the end and you get stuck between TWO GOD DAMM BLOCKS WITH NO COFFEE. Seriously, fix the restart button.

loved the game

31.43 omg

my 36.8 lost zero speed

unless you started in second gear or something 31.43 is bogus

I can't Jump


that is a feature. you have to collect coffee to jump

I collect the coffee


Try to collect the coffee



its art is cute and great

I did a commentary speedrun on this game

i suppose i'll say it in a new comment not in that original thread of runs i made:

here is my recorded 37.46 that i did after seeing Wah's 37.66 (could improve, i have a 37.40 unrecorded)

update: 37.06, 36.xx is possible!!!

update: this may be the perfect run 36.83



yo @benbonk

can i have the code for this?

I don't know how it truly is because of my hand

I found a bug. the third time I jumped with no coffee, Ian acted like he had a jetpack. Wasn't this an issue in your video with the limit?


Ok I watched the video


Help me beat it


Reply here!!

no one will beat it for you

Deleted 1 year ago

-40 Social Credit Score For you

I beaten the game in 49.89 seconds , it was hard XC , but it was fun XD


Can you do more?

Or.. chara will kill you and your subscribers



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benbonk, can i have the .p8 cart for this? im a fairly new boi to Pico8 and i would like the cart for help.


I beat it! Nice job on art with such a restricted palette!

Deleted post


Update: 39.10


tap jump twice in the same frame for super jump

i know of a double jump already, what routes are you taking to save a whole second


nvm i figured it out


So for floor one, there's a precise jump you can make on the lower yellow platform that lets you conserve your momentum. Double jump over the two little humps and then double jump into the door - momentum is conserved between floors (thanks BenBonk!). Second floor and third floor have no other tricks until the end door of the third floor. Double jump to get a free jump into floor 4, then continue on the top layer. By the end, you should have a free coffee mug to make one more double jump into the door. Finish with your normal route.


can this game gets a emulated cartrige that runs in a random pico-8 emulator to play this online,cuz i like this,its like Karlson but i prefer playing offline games more than online

Great job btw

download pico-8 you dumba-

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(4/7/2021) down to 38.86 with video proof! 

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update: 41.23

(4/7/2021) i feel weird putting it in the original comment so here's the new and improved 37.73 time

update 2: 41.13

update 3: 41.00

update 4: 40.76

update 5: 40.43, let's go for sub 39 i guess

complete the game in 00:49.53 sec also nice game i really liked it but there are some glitches my caracter will just be stuck in the air when i jump and hit a block also it somtimes delete blocks




i like this game. I give it 10 out of 10


i just found a glitch where if u spam the reset and jump button you can fly

intresting game, but playiung with a keyboard is so hard

Very frustrating.

... I LOVE it!


Well Yes, but actually no.



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