This game was made by 20 developers collectively as a  celebration for BenBonk hitting 20k subscribers on YouTube. The process worked like this, BenBonk would work for an hour, and then pass the project on to another developer to work for an hour. And this process repeated until the game was finished. So what you are about to play is the result of this challenge.

-Aim with mouse, move with left click, or space.

-"R" to restart

-Escape or tab to pause

List of developers who contributed:

  • BenBonk
  • Polarcube1
  • 8Blits
  • Hammer86gn
  • Him
  • N8Dev
  • IbrahimDev
  • BLANKdev
  • Sirstotes
  • Markositta
  • GameDevGoose
  • Camo
  • LlamaDev
  • Icoso
  • Retro
  • Affax
  • Frogrammer
  • Bbomb
  • Xrai
  • llamaking


  • ToastedToast
  • falconstrike209
  • Galse
  • NovaKnight
  • Taha
  • JOKERatlas
  • KJ


Download 24 MB


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This is hard game...

I can't play the game

Ben bonk add gamepad please 

hmm, I wonder how he got here 馃馃馃

im stuck on level 6

Bonk = honk

im stuck on level 10

i gotta say, i enjoyed this so good that i have to download it.

oh yea

very nice!

Very nice game, with some more levels it would be an amazing rage game as I am not already annoyed enough at the 5 minutes it took me to complete such a short game.

Nice little game. It didn't addapt to my widescreen, and windowed mode have a problem when the mouse slip outside the window :P

Nice concept. The back and forward with a main dev made it work.

Last level could have a zoom out maybe. I couldn't see what the buttons were doing.

nice little game, had my mind boggled for a little while but enjoyed every bit of it, was a nice 15 minute break :)

There is a bug when you pause the level and back to the home panel the mute and low graphics checkboxes not working. nothing else the game is so awesome, great work guys ;) 馃挏馃敧


level 9 is impossible, it's too big to fit in the the 1 tile wide hole.s


yeh u have to use the buttons to open it

great work, loved the video, enjoyed the game


it cant load for some reason



im stuck on level 6

Too hard!


is this for mobile?


is this for mobile

Very good game hard a littke but thats ok

For me it works :/


doesn't load :_(

it does load actually


It don't load


no load


doesn鈥檛 load


it doesnt load


Why did you have to rick roll me?

maybe 1 of the dev's put that there


not me hehe

Why do I highly doubt that?

it not loading fix it and is this for mobile? Too?

Pog new build Best Game


anyone know how to fix the loading error


my game wont load :(

It says that my time is 0:00 what?

i finished. my time is 16m

the game is really good


Doesnt load for me :(

(1 edit) (+2)

-420/10 werst game. level 10 impossible. (just a joke, its just ultra hard)

Deleted 201 days ago


sorry about that excuse for a human being, i love this game

sorry, rage just does what rage does. (and rage doesn't do good)

(1 edit) (-1)

Just because you can't beat level 10 doesn't mean the game is bad. It just means you are bad at the game.

Edit: You can't even spell worst correctly, you sad, stupid, fool.

don't you understand why did i put -420 cuz its a joke, thats the same reason i spelled worst incorrectly

i know the first part of it was very obviously a joke


game wont load, i am sad

Some reason my game won't load. Either way, I'm impatient so I have no idea if it takes a while for it to load. I've seen the video and it is very awesome.

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