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i got the pest ending but i didn't meet the prerequisites to get it 

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I’m playing on mobile and don’t have arrow keys, or wasd. And can’t do the second ball trial :(

I also can’t type for the math problem, but I can at least still progress the game there.

Though I suppose it wasn’t made with mobile in mind

he killed me lmaooo

It's been two hours this was the farthest I got. Currently dying internally, 10/10 game.

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somehow I got the second one first try lol

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I think I broke the game guys :)


hehe idk why I got it when I clicked too quickly and answered the question was 0

uHM yes (hehe git trolled oxcorp)


so the smiley just grows huge and stops growing at a point and nothing happens beyond that? Kind of underwhelming for such a threatening little smiley


So I played this game for I guess long enough to say that there are so far no jumpscares in the game, thought this might help someone like me who gets scared easily.

But if there are any jumpscares in any part of the game that I may have not found out yet please tell me

I'm crying, I died in the one where you click the wrong thing about the picture... it was just a dude with their thumbs up


mediocre :(

whats this?



cries in PEMDAS (the math question)


Dare oppose me, mortal?

im sub-bar heh

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whats wrong with the third image?!

it looks normal?

edit: okay you just click outside of it i guess

im a cheater lol



I'm A star (not really) hahaha

u solved the math questions

I completed the 1st trial with 2.59 seconds.



ya but I got it 2000000000th try

it said i am a sloth.

Deleted 1 year ago

now it said i am in need of a better memory

I got "a mind reader" ending lol


Deleted post
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you are an idiot

ah haha ha ha ha haaaa ah hahahaha

the screen is black for me


Its not. I beat it, but only once


i am the chosen one

i beat it

more than once

i have defeated that first trial

I beat it soooo many times because I wanted to get the time thing right


Most of the game: eh, thats wrong but I will let it slideug

Enough questions wrong: y o u s u c k e d

this game ist sehr gut though

woher kam das Deutsch auf einamal? lol


How did you do that?! I've been looking so hard for that ending!

Sorry, I don't remember, it was so long ago

It's alright, I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually. Thank you for responding to my question. I sincerely appreciate it.


lets go i got it :D

how u get it?

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i was looking throught the comments on the start screen and he started talking to me so i waited longer (secret)


i keep getting the question "Which color is orange?" wrong

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