A Simple Test is a very simple test provided by Oxcorp. Complete the trials correctly to potentially be accepted into the Oxcorp candidate program. Do not try to explore the test. Complete it, and move on with your life.

Please play with audio on for the intended experience. Press space to skip narration if needed.

Code, Art, Narration, Writing, Trial Designer, and Creative Visionary  - BenBonk

Music - https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music/track/the-elevator-bossa-nova


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How did you do that?Ive tried so many times and i didnt get that ending =( PLEASE tell me

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0.01 second from getting it wrong

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if anybody gets some glitch text at the end (dGhpcyBpcyBhIHNlY3JldCBtZXNzYWdlLCBubyBvbmUgd2lsbCBmaW5kb3V0IQ==), read more.

It is base64 for “this is a ”secret message, no one will find”out!“

Anybody who mentions it is told that it is a glitch. However, i noticed the equals sign at the end. Since in base64, there is always an equals sign at the end. My curiosity got the best of me so i checked. And what do you know! Actual ASCII text!

TL;DR: Glitch text is a secret base64 message and BenBonk is a deep fried liar

The mind plays dirty tricks when bored

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that can be interpreted in two ways:

1. That’s what you want us to think. That’s why it says “no one will find”out!”

The first step in making people believe something is false is to say it is false.

2. do i get a prize for you admitting defeat?

thanks ben i got kicked back to the itchio page

everything changes when you get the cup game wrong blue button then red

wait 10min

wait dont press start


I put in 09 because it said 00 and it said that was wrong, I got it second time but its a minor bug, also for the one question with Nathan, cameron, jenna, anchovies, oysters etc, how is it not anna? 2 boys 1 girl and answers were 2 boys, idk, and a girl so to make it even I clicked anna but its wrong...



benvonk last comment was 24 minutes ago or something

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First Try: I'm a sloth XD

Second Try: I'm in need of a better memory, which I won't argue with XD


Does anything happen if I just wait? lol

I kinda wish there was a choice ending list or an ancievement list or something lol

Having lots of fun tho

i got the: You are: ...

The little text at the bottom of my screen when I got Mediocre read:


I'm quite confused. Probably proving the test results, but maybe a code? I don't know anymore.

There is no hidden meaning, its a glitch

It is base64 for “this is a”secret&íessage, no one will find”out!“

How did i know it was base64? The equals sign at the end.

Nice try, bonko, but not today!

does not work :(

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There is a low chance that when you start the game, reach the math question and get it correct, the narrator will say "You know, I bet you think that you are sooo smart. But in reality you are just dumb. Let me prove it." (this may not be the exact same one) Then it will instantly lead you to the insane math question which you can get by spamming the button at the green flash minigame. And if you get it right (answer is 0) you will encounter an ending. But if you get it wrong, the narrator will mock you and you will encounter an ending. But if you get the normal math question wrong, the narrator will call you stupid and that'll lead you to the A Little Pest ending. Now what if you got the crazy math question correct from the green flash minigame? The narrator will ask you to guess his password (4 digits) if you do not do anything for a few seconds you will get the MIND READER ending. But if you answer it, (i dont know the correct answer) the narrator will get sad and will talk about resetting his life. This will lead to the ... ending.

But what if it wasn't a chance at all? Your actions create the outcomes!

if you get a sad face after the ball jumping he says his passsword

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i dit this and then wnet backt to the imposebil thing at the end (get there by doing good at the qustions) and got the true hero endingn but cant restart now any ideer why? 


is it beccouse i am the progam now?or just a bug?

what is wrong with the photo of the guy im struggling

click outside the photo for anyone wondering i just got the hero ending i can finally let this game go

Its too lagy 4 me bc im on mobile

I found a bug in the game. So when you are on the cup level with the ball if you click space fast then click on blue before it switches up you get to pass.


this game is fun, i like it a lot thx

Cool game

I dunno if I triggered a flag at one point that does not reset, but I can't seem to be able to get any other ending than the pest ending now, which is a bummer.

i got mind reader

i got mind reader

I'm meaty ogre

I really enjoyed this game and i try it twice. 

the best part of this game.. for me: is trying to remember the click things ( i forgot the name ) and the math ( lim part ) 

Ngl thanks for making this game, i love it

When I try to play the screen is just blue. The audio still plays, and I can interact with the screen I just can't see anything. Probably because I have a potato for a computer that was made over 10 years ago.

Found a bug I think, if you skip the narrator in the "What is wrong with this image" thing it starts it over, great game though! I love it!

This game was fun, but the narrator was so mean to me!!! I got called a pest more than once, lol!!!!

I'll try this again soon, cause I'm sure I missed out on some additional questions. Yeah, I'm not smart...like, at all...

Here is my play through, in case anyone is interested!!!


No offense but the condescending voice talking to me throughout the game is one of the most annoying things I’ve ever been through.

skip with space

I think skipping with space makes the narrator mad and says I bet you think you're so smart and gives you a complex math problem.

Really? No wonder I kept getting the math problem LOL why did they add that if true (????)

No, it's because you chose the "Yes there is a flaw" choice

Choosing that makes the narrator angy

Deleted 20 days ago


did you read a toddler's mind?

It is base64 for “this is a”secret&íessage, no one will find”out!“ There is a chance of it appearing at the test result screen.

How did i know it was base64? The equals sign at the end.

notice: i really dont think this was the best image-to-text translation

I'm a mind reader (:

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Fun fact: If you wait long enough in the start menu, the voice will tell you something, and if you wait enough again, he will get a bit angrier, and if you wait LONG enough, there will be a blue button called don't play under the red button. If you click it there will be a "back" button and if you press it you go back to the start menu but you need to wait again to gain access to the dont play button. Then you will notice a smiley slowly coming at you, seeming like its about to jumpscare you. Then you will notice a sign under the smiley saying "Escape while you can" Or "Run while you can" as bigger it gets, the slower it grows. But, it won't do anything. After a specific scale, it will freeze and you will realise you wasted time for nothing.

exploration is never a waste of time


you should be sorry, you have done something unforgiveable; call a benbonk game bad

benbonk game good :)







after answering 6/2(1+2) so fast it sent me to a hard question


The answer to the hard question is 0.

Also, the hard question only is shown if you answer "Yes" to the question about if the question was too easy

Actually it's from skipping the narrator

I think I was wrong about that though

Simple On The Surface, Unfair At It's Core


who likes oysters???



The pattern is the two last letters in the name are the first two letters in the thing they like to eat. (NathAN like ANchovies, CamerON likes ONions, JenNA likes NAchos and LerOY likes OYsters).

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