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Gives me Stanley's Parable vibes. I really liked it :)

score: 0/5
 "you got some things wrong along the way but its fine you probably just missclicked or something"

"The survey has crashed. You will be redirected to the start menu."

He cried XD

Can we skip text?

I got a reset XD

i love it




I simply love this.




no im not SCHEWWPID



What is the color of an orange - Alpaca

Do you know what a color is? - No

Are you stupid? - Yes

Why are you doing this? - What are you talking about?

Go back to the survey? - No

What is 5+7? - 3562

Do you think you're funny? - No

If you could save 5 people by killing 1, would you do it? - No

Your dad shows up at your house, he has just murdered someone. - Call the cops

Who would you kill, your loved one or your best friend? - Best friend

Score: 4/5

Where is the idk option in the "Do you think you're funny?" question?



omg how did you do that

YOU REPLIED OMG ILY I SUBBED, idk he got really mad and i told him i wanted to leave so he did that.

I did it too :)


I love it


It's so good and very entertaining too!!

Haha, so funny !


Hi. That is a cool game and I had too much fun with it. But in my opinion it should have a subtitle. Keep up doing good work.


i learned that, i know how many countries there are in the world...


This narrator is mean

on my first run, i got everything right. although on my second, I got all of the "easy" questions wrong. when he asked me "do you think you're funny?" I said no. i then got 4/5 on the actual questions he wanted to ask me.



LMFAO, YES I KILLED THE LOVED ONES, ah yes too good to keep me addicted for the past month.. TYSM! and this is what everyone expected by the meaning of a survey game

Very Funny XD!!!

this game is cool and all but i wish is on mobile

That was good. I actually feel bad for the guy for purposely choosing the wrong options for my own entertainment.

how is it so easy 😬

You have to play again and get the answers wrong that's the point of the game

Bahahaha funny game love it

just be DUMB

act- like ur dum

haha funny guy


This is like the Stanley Parable of quiz games and I am absolutely here for it.

This is a really fun and there is so many different options. I love this game.

next for another questions, like more for sci or art?

Loved it!

I like the font!

I WANT MORE QUESTIONS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Play "A Simple Test" :o

Please do one more of these, already played both a simple test, and a simple survey, these are so fun

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