A Simple Survey is a very simple survey.  Answer the 5 questions correctly to win. Definitely nothing else to see here. Please play with audio on for the intended experience.

Note - We had no time to playtest, and we are aware of the many glitches and bugs in the game. We have already fixed many of these in a post-jam version that will be released after the jam is over, along with 2 new paths that didn't quite work in the jam version because of the glitches :)

Made for the Wowie Game Jam 3.0

Code and Art - BenBonk

Narration and Story - Deynum

Music - https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music/track/the-jazz-piano


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sooo, i discovered a real dark route, i did alpaca,no,no,3567

Dis game is sool COOOOOOOOOOOOL

Good game, i've played it before, but as of recent it wont load and I just get left with a blank white screen. 8/10 messing with the narrator always cracks me up, but I am docking 2 points due to lack of replayability. 

make secret endings like if he says "Are you stupid?" and select you in the question, it will be funny 

i accidentally pressed the i dont hate you button as soon as it loaded and now i cant press either im softlocked


To be honest this was boring.


I got a bug. My route was: Alpaca -> No -> No -> 3762 -> No -> Yes -> Hide the body -> Best Friend. The narrator says that he will say I got all the questions right, but it brought me back to only 4/5 and the narrator saying I misclicked.


same thing with saying loved one at the end, ends with 4/5


i liked the darker quiz bett

they think an orange is orange its a alpaca

me only press the orange button


Wait don't circles have infinite sides?


thers this big glitch where after it asks if i want to exit survey i say yes and the screen goes black and in red says error- program closed

pls help


it is made to do that



at least i get to woosh someone...

But i wont, maybe it was a bit obscure

That is not a glitch, In the dev video, I saw him creating that screen. I think it's a feature.

On mobile it's zoomed in a lot

seems to be a glitch(?) where when you answer the answers about love and whatnot the end screen tells you you got 4/5 despite the narrator telling you you would get all the points.


yeah, that is indeed a glitch, I am still bothered about it but sadly enough the only way to fix it is to hard code it into the game, and I just can't be asked to do that.

Good Game Bro


sorry for the other post my game starts loadding now lol


You don't know what color is? 

Me: No?


Me: No, I'm colorblind lol




Poor guy, thinks I'm saying I'm stupid. I'm selecting 'you' though, so I'm saying he's stupid lol. 

He just can't handle being called stupid

I beat this game.. It was easy. Here is my score under the text you are currently reading.                                               5/5   Although vote which scores I would have gotten (Reply)     

Uhhhhhh Hello?

hello there



he kinda sounds like gordon ramsay lol

gordon: what are you?!!!

Y/N: idiot sandwich

gordon: WHAT!??

Y/N: A idiot sandwich

y lol

y not


are you stupid



This is a really great game! Super funny. Although I think it would've been cool if in the endings where you have to click the reset button, if you waited and didn't click it something else would happen.

I LOVE the idea of this and it never seems to bore all the different paths you go down of course I have not completed it but the voicer acting and little touches make it even better. Superb job

Wow this is good but I wish there was an ending where if you press the same button all of the times the narrator realizes it


I Love this Great Job

all i got to say is: XD

bc why do the dumbst people say mars jp or other stuff.

wtf he Said moroan Bruh like Why

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I purposely did a wrong answer and it asked me "do you even know what a color is", I thought it's a survey, not a pop quiz lol


Imagine having synthesia and having an orange associated with the word alpaca in your head, and then, after finally having a question that understands that orange IS alpaca, it questions your knowledge of colors... must stink. (Forgive me if this isn't funny. It's... funnier when I don't use as many words but I couldn't articulate it with less.)


I also think it is funny that the question that is supposed to be insulting yourself, the answer is "you". Who looks stupid in the mirror?. The narrator, that's who.


If you answer too quickly, nothing happens

i feel bad for him :(



I really like this game


aRe yOu sTupiD oR sOMeTHIng


can you add a system like henry stickman where you can see the endings you have got and a little branch of all endings bc i think i have all endings but idk honestly


I wish the game would have a speed-up button sometimes, like the game is focused around replaying, it'd be nice to have a speed-up to get through the replaying faster, like have that option after the first completed run

It was a tough one but I managed to get through it! I love the way the title really misleads you into thinking it's actually a simple survey.

Honestly I had a lot of fun playing the game! I loved the little side questions that come up when you annoy the narrator! I personally didn't run into any bugs or weird glitches or anything, so that's great!

I'm pretty sure I managed to find all the outcomes (pretty sure...)

I got all the results from 0/5 up to 5/5, I got the hard questions, the emotional questions, I had the narrator getting replaced twice in different scenario's and I found the "error system crashed" screen!

Great job on this one BenBonk and Deynum!

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ik how to crash the survey xD

Blue, 35, Octagon, All of the above, No

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