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Not bad. Concept is great.

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Spoilers: The Smiley face literally scared me

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And I found a way to glitch out of the darkness and after that I couldn't glitch through anymore for one life

Bruh someone is gonna play this game and die to a turd


epic game


The jumpscare kinda got me but I was also expecting it. Amazing game



I love games like this! This is probably my favorite game you've made


BRO you jumpscared me sooo bad!!!

Super Mario bros in real life


Honestly, I'd say "absolutely no twists" is an apt description, the story went in no direction that didn't feel expected- not that this is bad, quite on the contrary! Game's fun. I only wish it took less time to unlock the code. The appearance of numbers is triggered by dying, right? It wasn't clear if one needed to die in different locations, just die often, or what.

can you please make compatable with linux

Harder than it looks. Well for me anyway.

f*ck off xD i got so cared lmao


Hey man, I don't wanna be that guy but uhhhhhh...I think I found a bug...

really enjoyed this concept really captured the creep factor, would of loved abit more maybe some multiple endings but all in all great game, if you enjoy please consider subscribing to the channel

This was pretty good. Even though it was made in 24 hours it was not bad, better than most that were made in 24 hours. Made a video on it.


Just found out that if you dash after the jumpscare then you can get out and then it will continue like no jumpscare happened

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Major game crashing bug. If you dash to the right in the input room your player disappears, but you can still control him. All interactions other than ground quit working and the game starts seizure inducing flashing when continuing to try dashing to the right (or it might have been left, I dashed all over the place trying to get the player to show up again). Can't even quit out of the game. Having to make windows force quit the process. I know it was created in a day, but there definitely needs to be a seizure warning, so here it is.

Was able to trigger the bug multiple play throughs. I think it has to do with hitting the end game trigger before you're meant to. Maybe disable the dash in the input room?

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Replayed it (without dashing right in the input room) and managed to get to the end. If you are stuck trying to figure out how to enter the code, click on the input area with the mouse. Might seem intuitive to some, but considering until now it has been all keyboard input, this is unexpected (bad design, imo). Also, after the ending I don't know if there is anything after the red number, but I clicked and pressed keys all over the place and nothing happens. No way to exit the game. Had to have windows force close it. Was there an exit key or was there more and I just didn't know what to do? Very dissatisfying. I enjoyed the game play and the ending was on point, but the seizure bug and the no exit spoiled this for me. Sorry if this seems too negative. I definitely understand the time constraint issue and it is good for having that time limit, but please at least give the program an exit key. Also, minor point. ASWD is fine, but especially if using the qwerty keyboard layout, arrow keys are better. The left and right keys were mapped properly, but the jump key up arrow was not. Again, not to bash what you did, just constructive criticism


Creepy game with a unique concept. Great work! 

The code is 0237

You got me.

Guys try 0239 it works i think.....

I like the visual style and the humor ! Very original. The post process on camera is really cool

Well done :-)


It is awesome for a 24 hour game. The ending got me

What’s 237?

probaly a code, i got 02

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SPOILER ALERT 0 and 2 are the first 2 numbers of the code you need to enter at the end of the level (so you probably didn’t finish the game). At the very end tho, for some reason the number 237 appears, and from what I’ve seen from the video posted by DragonExposion, it’s the same for everyone.



I took it as number of victims. It starts as 236 and increments one when you die.


I am your subscriber BenBonk Can you make the WEB version ASAP


dude did you not watch the devlog he said he could get it to work


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This was a cool 2D game that appears to be a bootleg version of Mario but as you play through the game, you realise that the game is more than it appears to be and everything starts to change after doing certain actions. I enjoyed the short horror game, especially the ending of the game as I definitely got caught off guard with the ending for the game. Moreover, I enjoyed the voice-acting for the game and liked the retro feel of the game too, adding on to the horrifying and creepy atmosphere of the game.

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.


MY ears



Warning: There is Jumpscares in the game.


This game is cool but not finished, i found a glitch and is it a feature that when you ump and dash at the same time you jump super-high?
The glitch appears when you dash in the black barrier, go far right and then return dashing.
Basically i couldn't see myself and i was unvurnelable...

lol found the same glitch 

Found it too. I think it is from hitting the end game trigger before you're meant to. This glitch can cause seizures. My screen started flashing crazily when I tried dashing left and right to get my character to come back. Never did. Also had to force windows to kill the game. Had to do the same when it ended.

Other than that and a few other minor issues, it was a great game! Especially for being done in only 24 hours

it was made in 24 hours for a challenge ofc it's not finished dumbass

I know bruh this is only exposing a glich that i found...



brooo first comment