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No! Level 2nd is not impossible

git gud

This game was a lot of fun...and a bit frustrating!!!! But that is my fault, cause I didn't read the VERY clear instructions on the top of the screen. X_X

But aside from my ignorance, this game is awesome!!!! I loved the concept and weirdness of it!!!!

Here is my play through, in case anyone is interested!!!!

Sorry, thought I posted this comment a week ago, lol!!!!

First benbonk game I'm playing
And, it's epic!


very nice game, good background tune, only note is that the big guys get stuck every time. also I know there wasn't enough time for level design, but winning the game simply comes down to not missing, there was only 1 level where you had to split them up since you needed 15 more bullets to kill them all. the game would be more challenging if you didn't have enough ammo to kill them all in 1 go, and even if you had 15 bullets too little for the last one, you can still pick up simultaniously, so I feel like the sweetspot for bullets is somewhere between 14-30 less than the amount required to kill every enemy


Do you have a android tablet and if so download Pocket Dev and get a feel and learn it before you try and make a game on there in a week and the theme is opposite.




Like the game, but GOD do I hate recoil in 2D.

That sounded bad. This is just something I dislike in general, I do really love the game though xD

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ngl a bit sussy


Very nice game really liked it

the concept is brilliant

good game it was really fun, on the last level if you stand still and shoot you can kill one guy in the top for free, then loot him. I don't think it is a big deal. 

I feel like the big problem is that it's really difficult to collect a corpse while shooting. I think it would be more fun without the recoil, or if the recoil didn't work while picking up a body. Maybe to make it so it's not too easy, there's also no knockback when the enemies are taking bodies.

tbh in most levels you don't need to pick them up until everyone is dead, and if you do need to do that you can seperate them, single one out and kill him (you could hit 14 times before seperating him so it's a 1tap)

Liked the collection mechanics. Some Tweaking needed to make the whole thing feel a bit more playable and cohesive. Overall great job.

BTW, Would love for you to try my game too.

It is an Action Platformer with unique controls.



I liked the game but I didn't really like how long the zombies took to die but it was still poggers

I actually had a lot of fun playing this game, my only note is that it seems like the default enemy was the hardest one and levels with the newer enemies were easier because of them. Some levels were a little difficult but they were all completable!

Sadly we didn't have much to any time to play test, and that was the downside :(


Good game! Though, some of the larger monsters would get stuck on the edges of obstacles in the later levels

I got stuck a bit but it's neat

Pretty cool idea

It would be neat if there was a way to keep fighting if you run out of ammo at a large risk (like a melee, you can still fight but you'll probably die getting that close)

It feels kinda redundant to have no downsides to holding e to always collect bodies automatically; I'd say either make you unable to shoot while held or make you not need to hold the key down to collect bodies

It would be neat if the projectiles shot by the enemies could hurt other enemies or the one who shot them

Recoil gets extremely annoying when trying to stay on the bodies to pick them up

On some levels there are too many bullets available so with decent accuracy you can clear the level without ever collecting a body until the end

A Neat game

Found the third level to be super hard, but it's a neat idea. Bullet economy seems to wave from being super strict to being able to just blast away without worrying about needing to gather more bullets. Looks/sounds amazing, shooting and movement were also good. I would be curious to see these mechanics put into a wave based survival mode in a larger map. Running around and taking cover whilst you also need to stay outside to gather more ammo seems like a neat combo.

Great jam game, can easily see this being fleshed out with more mechanics and enemies to make it really awesome ;)

Thank you! The mechanics were my job, and I am glad you enjoyed it!

i like how the weapon move smoothly with the cursor, i really wanna learn how you did that


This game got me through a hard time in my life.




I liked the idea of enemies absorbing their dead buddies to get bigger and stronger, but on some levels it felt like if I missed even one, I'd run out of ammo and wouldn't be able to finish the level so I just ended up hitting r every time I missed one. Definitely a fun game though, glad I tried it out.


Hey, thanks for the feedback. Ik what you mean, really wish we had more time to spend crafting levels. It really just came down to putting stuff down randomly and slightly tweaking.


I get that, you're on a pretty tight time limit for these things. 

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Pretty fun and interesting concept! Super difficult though :D

Music is AWESOME as well

Thanks! The music was my department :]


only problem: too hard


i like the screen transitions :)



Hard, but very fun and well made for the time you had!

Thanks 8Blits, we didn't really have enough time to do playtesting so I see what you are saying lol.

Very cool short experience, had a fun time playing it!
Only thing i found weird was how the music stopped playing at one point, which killed the mood a bit, but otherwise pretty cool game!


Oh yeah we fixed that after you finished playing lol. But glad you liked it :)